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Fleet Auto Pay payments

After applying for Fleet Auto Pay

We'll write to you with your account activation date - which is the date your first direct debit payment will be taken. Until that date you'll have to pay the Congestion Charge as normal (£11.50).

First payment

Your first payment by direct debit will include:

  • Vehicle registration fees - £10 annual registration charge for every vehicle you have added to your Fleet Auto Pay
  • Pre-payment - two months' estimated use of the charging zone by your registered vehicles

After your first payment has been deducted from your bank account via direct debit, your Fleet Auto Pay is fully activated.

Monthly payments

For subsequent months, we estimate the payment amount based on the difference between the predicted and actual usage from the previous month.

Ad hoc charge payments

If you have vehicles that do not regularly travel within the Charging Zone and they are not registered for Fleet Auto Pay, we can add the charge to your monthly direct debit if you add it to your Fleet Auto Pay by midnight on the day of travel. These are known as ad hoc charge payments. If you don't, you have until midnight the following day to pay (£14). Please note, the number of these ad hoc charges is limited and based on the number of vehicles you have aleady registered.

Pay online or by phone on 0343 222 2222 (TfL call charges).

Monthly statements

View and print your monthly statements online. We'll send an email reminding you to check it. We don't send out paper statements.

For more information on monthly statements, read our guide below:

Understanding your Fleet Statement


Renewing vehicles

You pay a £10 annual registration charge per vehicle registered for Fleet Auto Pay. We renew your vehicles automatically.

Make sure you remove a vehicle from Fleet Auto Pay if you don't wish to renew it. Do it before the vehicle's renewal date or you'll pay the £10 registration charge again.