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Cycle training

For beginners

First, you'll learn to control your bike in the safety of a traffic-free space. Trainers will help you improve your skills so you can cycle with confidence.  They'll give you the tools you need to ride on roads with more traffic or complex layouts.

Learn to:

  • Deal with traffic
  • Position yourself on the road to be seen by other traffic
  • Find cycling routes for your everyday journeys
  • Follow road rules for cyclists
  • Ride more safely at night or on rainy days

Request cycle training in the borough in which you live, work or study.

For more experienced cyclists

Even if you're an experienced cyclist, you can still take advantage of subsidised cycle training. If you've ridden for years, chances are you're pretty comfortable on your bike, but you've probably also picked up one or two bad habits along the way. The advanced refresher course is a chance to challenge your perceptions and improve your safety on the road.

Want to start cycling to work? This is the perfect time to book a cycle training session. The trainer can help you route plan and even ride the route with you. This can be particularly helpful for learning how to tackle some of London's more unusual junctions. To book a training course, contact your local borough and to find out more about planning your journey, use our Cycle Journey Planner on the right.

If you're interested in joining a cycling club, why not use British Cycling's club finder tool to find clubs and activities near you.

For kids

Cycling is a fun way for kids to be active and get around their local area. A bit of training helps them to learn the habit of riding safely from the start.

The national Bikeability scheme rewards kids for taking part in bike training all the way through school. They can work their way through three levels as they move from primary to secondary.

Learn to:

  • Control a bike in a safe, off-road environment (Level 1)
  • Cycle safely on the road with other traffic on quieter roads (Level 2)
  • Cycle on busier roads and manage complex junctions anywhere in London (Level 3)

If your child's school isn't running cycle training, ask them to contact their borough's Road Safety Team or School Travel Plan Officer for information on how to book a course.

All children's cycle training in London meets National Standards for Cycle Training. We're working with the London boroughs to make Bikeability the standard for child cycle training across the Capital.

Find out more

Find out more about the availability and cost of cycle training in your area. Send us some details and your local council's cycling team will contact you with cycle training options nearby.

For Bikeability-registered schemes visit the Bikeability website.

Please note: Training costs and availability vary across London.

Private cycle training companies

If you want to book direct with the training company, either for your business, or yourself, you can also get Bikeability cycle training through the following London organisations:

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