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What you pay

Bike access

(includes unlimited journeys of less than 30 minutes)

24 hours
7 days
Yearly (available to registered users only)

Extra ride charges

(if you keep a bike for 30 minutes or longer, you pay extra ride charges)

Up to 1 hour
Up to 1 hour 30 minutes
Up to 2 hours
Up to 2 hours 30 minutes
Up to 3 hours
Up to 6 hours
Up to 24 hours
Other charges

If you or an additional user fail to return a bike
If you damage or don't return a bike Up to £300

Extra information

  • Your bike access period begins as soon as payment is taken - not when you first use a bike
  • The scheme accepts all major credit or debit cards (it does not accept cash or Oyster)
  • You must be 18 or over to hire a bike, and over 14 to ride one
  • When you return your cycle, make sure the green light comes on to show the bike is securely docked. If it doesn't, we may continue to charge you for your journey
  • Terms and conditions apply

Juan's journey

Juan buys bike access for 24 hours and takes a bike out for 15 minutes. Later that day he takes out another bike for 25 minutes. Both journeys were under 30 minutes and within the 24 hour bikes access so Juan simply pays £2.

Claire's journey

Claire buys 24-hour bike access as well but she takes a bike out for 45 minutes. She takes another bike out later that day and rides for 55 minutes. Both her journeys were between 30 minutes and an hour so she pays her bike access charge plus two £1 extra ride charges. Her total cost is £4.

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